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When everyone else raise their pricing,

We lowered our prices for Indoor Paintball!

Spelapaintball.com - Home of Adventures in Stockholm!

Spelapaintball.com offers the best activities in Stockholm, like Paintball, Archery Tag & Bubble Ball. Perfect for bachelor parties, company events, birthday parties, school classes and associations.

We offer activities indoors in Farsta and outdoors in Jordbro. From morning to evening, there's always an opportunity for activities with us!
We're also the only Paintball arena in Sweden with equipment specially adjusted to allow kids from 8 years to play!




INDOOR PAINTBALL - An adrenaline-filled adventure at our 1000 square metre indoor facility! Fr. 275:- p/p!


INDOOR CHILDREN'S PARTY - Super cool kids' parties with indoor paintball in Farsta! Fr. 260:- p/p!


OUTDOOR PAINTBALL - Stockholm's best paintball! Action-packed games all year round fr. 295:- p/p!


MEGAFIGHT KALAS - Children's party with several fun activities, such as Superhero Sumo and Ninja Kamp! 295:- p/p!


ARCHERY TAG - Fast-paced fun with archery in a game like dodgeball! Fr. 295:- p/p!


INDOOR DROP-IN! - After Work drop-in on Wednesdays with team training! Fr. 180:- p/p!

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